Change Cards

These 60 Change cards (including duplicates) replace the traditional 'Chance' and 'Community Chest' cards.

However, unlike 'Chance' and 'Community Chest', Change cards do not bother to abstract away the consequences of real-world inequality. Some of the cards yield negative results, some positive. Some apply to everyone, some only to certain roles. Some cards, such as the Job Interview cards, challenge students to perform a skill or explain content in the game to earn success.


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Bundle of Joy! Congratulations, it’s a girl! A very expensive baby girl! Proceed to the Hospital and pay for your new bundle of joy! -- Keep this card for the duration of play.
Paying Bills Who turned out the lights? They turned out the lights during Monday Night Football! Visit your local power utility office to pay your monthly bill. Advance to Enron Electric. -- Owners and Managers ignore this card.
Drop it Like it's Hot! Hey, man, check out my demo! Defying what are in fact incredible odds, your music career takes off. You’re one in a million. You're now an Owner! -- Owners and Managers ignore this card.
Pro Bono You too deserve legal representation! You’re released from Jail immediately by a charitable lawyer. Advance immediately to Payday with pay. -- Keep this card until needed, then discard. Owners and Managers ignore this card.
Doobie, Brother? Last Dance with Mary Jane! Bummer, man! Found in possession of illicit substances, you go directy to Jail. Roll a four-sided die to determine how many turns you must miss.
Pharma Bro jack up the price...get put on ice! Any player owning Shkreli Square forfeits the property. Player is also convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy and is headed to jail. Player must roll a six-sided die to determine the number of turns spent in jail. No other card or rule may lessen the sentence.
Insider Trading Pssssst! It doesn’t pay to share, it seems. You shared privileged financial information, violating ethics rules! Go directly to Jail.-- Unemployed and Employees ignore this card.
Scholarship Well, aren’t you special!? Why, yes! Yes you are. You’ve worked hard to earn a free ride! Proceed to College and receive your free degree. -- Owners and Managers ignore this card.
Paradise Papers This too shall pass. Revelations have surfaced of shady financial dealings, including offshore accounts and collusion with foreign powers. This may even eat up an entire news cycle! Skip 2 turns. -- Unemployed and Employees ignore this card.
What Are the Odds?! Jackpot! Your weekly gamble pays off. You win a respectable amount from the state lottery. You immediately move up to the next social class. -- Owners and Managers ignore this card.
Ya Blowin' Up! You too can tube! Your social media presence is blowing up! Endorsement deals abound! Whatever it is you’re doing...keep doing it! Your salary is tripled on your next payday. -- Owners and Managers ignore this card.
The More You Know Know your history! Advance to the nearest unowned property. If you can satisfactorily explain the economic significance of its name to the other players, the property is yours for free.
Blood From a Stone The banks have your number. You mail out 3 checks. The bank waits to cash the biggest check first, ensuring that if you bounce one, you bounce ‘em all! This is standard policy for many banks. And it’s legal. Pay $75 in overdraft fees.
Stock Market Soars You’re the stock whisperer! Your skill in trading stocks earns you the respect of your peers! And, of course, a boatload of cash. Owners and Managers who receive this card double their current cash. -- All other roles ignore this card.
Stock Market Crashes Black friday is not just about sales. Owners and Managers who receive this card lose half of all cash, but keep all property. -- All other roles ignore this card.
GoFundMe! Get by with a little help from your friends. You take your private life public for some crowdsourced pity! Receive $50 from each player.
Leadbelly Blues I’m not feeling so well...That special flavor to Flint water? Yeah that's lead! Proceed at once to the Hospital for treatment.
Trading Places A twist of fate! Fortunes rise and fall. Assuming 4 players...Roll a 4-sided die and swap everything with the player that number clockwise around the board. -- If you roll a 4, roll again.
'Cause I'm the Tax Man! It’s a free country! As long as you pay your share, that is. Proceed to Back Taxes.
Level Up! Gotta spend money to make money! Professional development helps you advance in your career. Pay $50 to advance directly to Payday if you so choose.
Meet the Parents Pay it Back! Your parent has suffered a serious illness. As a devoted child, you you are obliged to pay for your parent’s medical care. Advance to the Hospital.
Fiscal Responsibility Save it for a rainy day! Your fiscal responsibility prepares you for the unexpected. Keep this card to avoid paying any single future fee you choose. If used to avoid paying rent, the Bank pays the landlord. -- Discard this card upon use.
A Fool and His Money... Better safe than sorry! Your business savvy keeps you prescient and agile. You may add up to 3 additional spaces to any die roll, provided you return to the originating space on your next turn. -- Discard this card after use.
Landlord Emoluments schmoluments! Advance to The White House and run for president. If you are elected, the government (Bank) pays you rent each time you pass Payday on a property of your choice -- All other roles ignore this card.
Not Neutrality Welcome to pay-to-play! The FCC has repealed legislation protecting Net Neutrality. Even basic communication services just became more expensive. All players must now pay double the standard rate to the player holding
StartUp Upstart To the Froogles! Advance to Froogle. If it is unowned AND you can explain how the Internet works (technologically or economically) you may purchase it for 1/2 price.
Chairman of the Bored #sad! #losers! You fail to realize that as a leader your unskilled and ill-advised use of social media has profound market consequences. All other players pay $100 to the Bank.
Job Interview Preparation is the key! If Unemployed, answer this question about any imaginary job you choose to the satisfaction of the other players to become an Employee: “Why do you want to work here?” -- All other roles ignore this card.
Job Interview Preparation is the key! If an Employee, answer this question about any imaginary job you choose to the satisfaction of the other players to become a Manager: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” -- All other roles ignore this card.
The Best Defense... You get what you pay for! If you choose, pay a $150 retainer to the best lawyer money can buy and never spend another night in Jail. Always proceed directly to Payday with full pay. -- Keep this card for the duration of the game.
Hack-a-thon G3T UR C0D3 0N! You attend a local hackathon to gain new tech skills and make some new connections! You also win first prize of $150. -- Owners and managers ignore this card.
Health Insurance Act now for Affordable Care! Though expensive, health insurance greatly reduces expenses should you fall ill. If you choose, pay $25 each Payday to avoid bills when landing up in Hospital. -- Keep this card as proof of insurance.
Identity Theft Cybercrime is on the rise! You visit some shady neighborhoods online and your accounts are compromised. Pay $100 in restitution and time-lost in sorting out this mess!
Home Improvement Tool Time! As a Landlord, you are responsible for maintaining your properties. For this turn only, pay $10 in upkeep for each house you own.
Spare a Dime? Sharing is caring...for your wallet! You are the Unemployed freegan king of couch surfing and ride-sharing. Travel to any square on the board you like, this turn. Don’t forget to get paid if you pass through Payday. -- All other roles ignore this card.
Run for Office Yes you can! If you are an Owner, you may advance to the White House and run for president, if you choose. -- All other roles ignore this card.
Hit the Road, Jack You’re going places, kid! Advance to Parks Place. Don’t forget to get paid if you pass through Payday.
Inherit the Wind The love you take equals the love you make! You should have been nicer to Aunt Agatha. She’s left all her money to her 5 cats. You inherit nothing. However, travel to her lawyer’s office cost you $15.
Stop the Insanity! Eat smarter not harder! You give up the daily junk food habit. Not only are you much healthier, now, but you save loads of money! Earn an extra $50 every payday. -- Keep this card for the duration of play.
Income Tax Refund The tax software made it look so easy! Congratulations! You filed online and overpaid your taxes. Receive an income tax refund of $125.
Museum Field Trip Sign those permission slips! Having children is rewarding. Investing in their future is not cheap, however. Players pay pay $25 for school supplies and fees for each Bundle of Joy card you possess.
Night at the Museum Making ends meet. If you are an Employee, you take a second job as security at the local museum. You’re exhausted, but at least you’re making an extra $150 each payday. -- Keep this card as long as you’re an Employee.
Fired Up AKA the ‘Peter Principle’. Your rage problem and passive aggressive nature make you unsuited for management. If you are a Manager, you are demoted to Employee for retraining. -- All other roles ignore this card.
Gloop Pomegranite soy sauce enemas aren’t cheap! One of the ‘modern lifestyle brands’ you follow suggests you pay a lot of money for pseudoscientific wellness cures. You do so—to the tune of $200. -- Unemployed and Employees ignore this card.
Panama Papers More fake news from the haters! Revelations have surfaced causing your sponsors to abandon you. If you are an Owner, pay 1/4 of your cash money to lawyers and PR people to restore your reputation. -- All other roles ignore this card.
The Run Around Please take a number! The offices which provide state and local assistance require lots of time and paperwork. If you are Unemployed, lose 1 turn. -- All other roles ignore this card.
Roll Your Own Make it up as you go along! At the beginning of any future turn, make up your own new game rule. The best part? It takes effect without the need for a vote. Remember: With great power comes great responsibility...
Fat Cat or Philanthropist? What’s in your wallet? If you are an Owner, choose between paying for another player to go to College, or doubling the prices for Enron Electric and Flint Water (if you own them). -- All other roles ignore this card.

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