Follow these steps to jumpstart gameplay. You may draw on any prior experience you have playing Monopoly, although reading the rules before and during play will provide a richer experience.


Place Change Cards

Shuffle the Change Cards and place them on the board.


Assign Role Tokens

Place 1 Owner token (blues), 1 Manager token (purples), 1 Employee token (greens), and 1 Unemployed token (reds) in a bag. Draw randomly to assign roles.


Assign Role Cards

Each player takes 1 Role Card matching the symbol on the movement token she drew.


Assign Dice

Each player takes the colored die indicated on her role card.

* OR use this Die Roller App


Assign Utility Cards

The Owner player begins the game owning the Enron Electric and Flint Water utilities.


Assign the Bank

Lay out the monies and properties in front of any player who volunteers to be Bank. The Bank then pays each player their first payday.


Read the Rules

Read the first few pages of the rules carefully and consult the appendices as you play the game.


Begin Play

Place player tokens on the Payday square to begin play. The Unemployed player moves first. Play then rotates clockwise around the board.

Image of the board and all playing pieces